Welcome to Association of Otolaryngologists of India - GSB Ahmedabad
We are grateful to all ENT colleagues of our Association of Otolaryngologist of India- Gujarat State Branch for providing us an opportunity and responsibilities to organize this prestigious 35th Annual Conferene of A.O.I.G.S.B at our doorstep-Ahmedabad.

We all know that ENT surgery is a unique specialty where a broad range of diseases will be encountered in patients of all ages. The skills needed to treat patients are also diverse, ranging from microsurgery to treat middle and inner ear conditions to major surgery of the head and neck. Within last two decades our branch has evolved a lot.
Massage From Dr.Shrimati Kamla, Governer of Gujarat
Massage From Shri Narendra Modi, Chief Minister, Gujarat
Massage From Shri Jay Narayan Vyas, Health Minister, Gujarat
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CME on 21st July
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16th dec. 2011-Pri conference Workshop
17th dec. 2011 Conference Rajpath Club